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What is WebsitLex?

WebsitLex is a web design agency for the creation of websites and innovative applications that allows the change of classic services with the creation of new innovative technologies.

Who is WebsitLex for?

WebsitLex is specifically aimed at small and medium enterprises, startups that need to integrate innovative systems and change their image in a professional and dynamic way on the Internet.

Can I have a multilingual website ?

Of course, your site can be created and updated in all languages ​​(English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Arabic, etc.).

What are the construction times for my website?

To create your site based on the size of the project, it takes from 5 to 30 working days from when you provided us with the material. Some projects more…

What information and / or material should I provide?

Once the administrative formalities have been carried out to allow us to start working. You will then need to provide us with:

  • preferences for domain registration and e-mail
  • the logo of your business (if present)
  • graphical indications on possible chromatic or stylistic preferences
  • the contents you wish to publish on the site, texts and images

Is it possible to have software customized for my needs on the website or app?

Yes, you can have the customizations you want. WebsitLex is extremely flexible to integrate new technologies tailored with functions tailored to your needs.

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